„Music represents integrity and wholesomeness to me. In my musical journeys I strive for perfection, and aim to discover new elements that spark interest and intrigue.”

Direct’s (Tanka István) signature precision and thoroughness grants numerous Hungarian and international releases their final rich and unique sound, regardless of genre. He runs the record label HUNaBEAT on its own and works as part of the sound engineering team at the VinylTeam record production company.

Direct’s musical career began at the turn of the century when he met Stom and Range. Together they formed the musically eclectic drum and bass trio Radical Motion. The group’s exciting signature sound drew influence from the world of electronica and ambient. In 2006 the trio won the third prize in an international remix contest organized by Montreal Urban/Electronic Music Community.

In a very short time Direct found his partner in crime in Stom, someone with whom he could go digging in record stores during the day and play at gigs during the night. 

Besides the work he had done with his partners, Direct started to release more mellow and chill tunes under his other alter ego Reck. 

During these years he was introduced to the art of sound engineering through his university studies and took keen interest in the subject. He soon started to study and practice this field with utmost vigilance and an aim for perfection. 

In 2010 he became one of founders of SoulClap Budapest, a DJ and Producer ensemble. Up to the day, he enriches the group’s sound engineering; so he used to enrich the sound with his exquisite scratching skills in the past. From 2010 he is the founder of the dj and producer group Soulclap Budapest, where he is also using his scratch skills. Between 2011 and 2013 he is a member of the drum and bass group Old School Remembrance.

The year 2012 opened new horizons in his career.  He became a member of the renowned underground Hip Hop group Frigid Air Family. This era saw their first vinyl taking off. The record, UnderHUNdred Cuts was produced and released under the label Vinylize; one of its sides was designed and sound engineered by Direct. If only it sold out in a short period of time; a limited number of this release was also manufactured into handcrafted eyewears by Tipton Eyeworks and is now being worn by celebrities such as film director Quentin Tarantino and performer Sir Elton John. 

In 2013 he became a DJ of the band Feelan’ Trope, counting 17 members at the time. 


In 2014 he became an integral member of Tilos Radio, the biggest independent radio station in Budapest, Hungary. 

Starting from 2017, sound measurementsvinyl cutting measurements and tests were carried out at Tilos Radio, now with a Vestax vinyl cutter, modified to make its mastering, post-production, sound design ideas even better.

Discography (releases and forthcomings):

CD – Tilos Mese Rádió 12 (Tilos Rádió)

Mstick – Radical Motion – Diagnosis VIP (version 2) (Various – NHP001 – The Hopebook) – piece01

CD – Tilos Mese Rádió 11 (Tilos Rádió)

12″ – Tilos Mese Rádió 10 vinyl (Tilos Rádió)

CD – Tilos Mese Rádió 10 (Tilos Rádió)

12″ – Tilos Rádió 24 (Tilos Rádió)

CD – NoMaN & Direct – Black room (club mix) (Telep 5 CD)

CD – K90 – Háztetők km. DJ Direct (Stíluspakk 6 – Hanyag Elegancia) – HECD007

5″ – Direct & Fayabolo & Mr. Skunk – Tilos 23 single

DIG – Dalolaszlok Mixtape

12″ – Tilos Rádió 23 (Tilos Rádió)

DIG – Feelantrope – Egy

CD – Rímbiózis & Direct – Nem vagyok magamnál (Rímbiózis – Nyelvcsalád)

CD – K90 – Ha tudtam volna km. DJ Direct (Stíluspakk 5 – Hanyag Elegancia) – HECD006

2×12″ / CD / DIG – DJ Slow feat. Zahár Fanni, DJ Direct – Slow down,

DJ Slow & Illspokinn feat. DJ Direct – Shining vinyl remix (DJ Slow – One.Zero)

12” – Mastif – Warcraft (Radical Motion’s Orc Horde version) (Black Hoe Recordings)

Mstick – Mastif – Warcraft (Radical Motion’s Human Troops Version) (Black Hoe Recordings – Exhumed – X-Mas Special) – BHR012

DIG – Radical Motion – Invasion (ambient version) (Freakyhouse – Session east EP) – FHL008

DIG – SoulClap Budapest – Optimus Grime (Stonedformer’s edit) (S*10 – Elektronized mixtape)

CD / DIG – ATF – Abrak a dobra

DIG – In:Form – Nativa (Direct & Sullivan remix) (Freakyhouse) – FHL007

12″ – UnderHUNdred Cuts (Vinylize) – UHC001

CD / DIG – SoulClap Budapest feat. Illspokinn – Are you listenin’ (Monday Session 2012 S*10 CD) 

CD – Faktor & Ready & Direct – Életképek (Stíluspakk 3 – Hanyag Elegancia) – HECD004

CD / DIG – Frigid Air Family – London – Budapest – New York EP (Wacuum Airs)

DIG – Berho & Direct – JB (Freakyhouse) – FHL005-2

CD / DIG – Radical Motion – Diagnosis (Black Hoe) – BH001CD

12″ / CD / DIG – Reck – Moods EP (Cellophunk) – CPHNK009

12″ / CD / DIG – DirectReady EP (Wacuum Airs)

DIG – Reck – Difficult EP (Cellophunk) – CPHNK008

DIG – Radical Motion – Misbelief / Szép új világ / Invasion (Golden Age) – GA004

DIG – Varga Zsuzsa – Isn’t it (Radical Motion remix) –

DIG – VA – Impulsecreator pres. Spotlight (Radical Motion – Mitochondrion) (Impulsecreator) – IPCSPOT003

DIG – Reck – Folderol EP (Cellophunk) – CPHNK002


Ikea DJ Contest (Hungary) – 2nd place (2014)

Feelan’trope – Antré fesztivál (Hungary)  1st place (2013)

Zene Füleidnek – BEST OF 2006 (Hungary) – 3rd place (2006) Production Contest vol. 4. (International) – 3rd place (2006)

Productions, remixes and mastering works:

Anima Sound System, AMB, Anorganik, Blu Mar Ten, Deepin’ Session – Cellofan Kollektiva, Black Hoe Recordings, Budapest Vinyl, Bupino, Burzsoá Nyugdijasok, Black Sun Empire & Noisia, Bop, Capa Központ, Cyantific, Creeps and Chips, Colorstar, Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records, DJ Naga, Peter Bernath – Plug & Lay Crew, Digital, Freakyhouse Records, Mustbeat Crew, LivingTotem, OhmikRon, Bal, Tilos Rádió, Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz, DJ Shadow, Vibekillaz Crew, Európa Kiadó, The Buddha Pests, Vukán György & His Orchestra – Budabeats, Üzgin Űver, Electronic Beats, Exiles – Electronics, faalb, Folk On 45, Funktasztikus, Hátshow Sor, Soap City Squad, Streetroyal, Deep Flow, Frigid Air Family, Triple Darkness, Fresh Raps, Györemix!, Zsolaa A.K.A. Teebag the Hustla, Faktor – Faktorlabor, Flash, Ganxsta Zolee és a Kártel (platinum record), Gnork, Garpo, Hétköznapi Csalódások, Headshotboyz, ICR, Irie Maffia, Kodály Method, Kele Fodor Ákos, Dub Phase, Liquid Limbs, Leukémia, Lev Toystore, Layanda, Lola, Lethal & Khanage, Monastery, Muzsikás & Amadinda, MKE Intermedia Tanszék, Meszecsinka, Makrohang, Ponza, Illspokinn, Bobakrome, RobotDeck & Gazsi Rap Show, Nameless City, Nasty Mind Crew, Nem Közölt Sáv, Mocskos Márka, Octane & DLR, Pyro, Polaak A.K.A. Taktikteknikz, Mr. Skunk, MC Kemon, Busa Pista, DJ Ozon A.K.A. Sematic 4 A.K.A. Sema 4, Mango – Gimmeshot Crew, Marina Revue, Panel Trax, Puma – Faun Project, Random Soundz, Ramones, Selfdest, Sasha, S/M Digital Records, Syrup, Tkyd, Tigrics, Tatlin, Tapes Sublimating, Telep Sessions, Sena, Sunchase, Tigrics, Trottel Records, Trottel, Talayapa, Üllői Úti Fuck, Vinylize records, VV4 – RTL Klub, Wum A.K.A. Jakob Torn, WWAYM, Zuboly and many more…


Töréspont Rádió (presenter), Karcag FM (presenter), Lakihegy radio,, 

Radio BRO,  Fúzió Rádió (presenter), Tilos Rádió (sound engineer, technician & presenter)