Frigid Air Family


In the summer of 1996 Szombathely Hungary, hardcore rap group “FRIGID AIR FAMILY” was first conceived by friends Total (who in the early 90’s was an original member of the pioneering Hungarian death metal group “Extreme Deformity” and later as the front man to the short lived hardcore band “Alexis Machine”.) And local rap Artist Feky Boy. With the inclusion of two more of there associates they began to write and produce music together. During the same year they entered the first “Fila Rap Jam competition” along with hundreds of other hopeful Rap groups making it all the way to the final eventually finishing seventh, thus securing them a spot on the first “Fila Rap Jam LP” released in 1997. Within the next twelve month period Total organized the highly regarded and successful “Rap Fests” in Szombathely along with some of the best performers West Hungary had to offer including the Bloose Broavaz, the Pair et Posse, DJ Zulu and Lord Gyoremix!. They also released there first demo and became the two man set of Total and Feky Boy as the other members were both incarcerated. 

In the year 2000 due to the tragic passing of Feky Boy, Total was left as sole member of Frigid Air Family. In October of that year he was invited to host the Last Fila Rap Jam Gala a show consisting of all the finalists since 1997. Frigid Air Family also appeared on Hip Hop compilation “ Intersong underground hip hop Valogatott Vol 1” with the track “Eletre ltelve” releases in January 2001. In 2002 Frigid Air Family performed at The Volt Festival at the Hip Hop Zone this was there last performance before going into a Six year Hiatus. 

During this time Total started a family and became an MMA Cage fighter competing for his country in various competitions.  

By 2008 Total had moved his family to London and had decided to start producing music again. 

In 2011 he met Veteran New York Rapper Vinne Vega who had ironically moved from Queens to London with his family the same year as Total. After becoming friends and being impressed with each others extensive knowledge of rap and high caliber skill level decided to thaw out and resurrect the Frigid Air Family name.

 Then came 2012 and the arrival of South London Rapper Ozillah aka Big Ozee and the subsequent release of the “London, New York, Budapest” EP in collaboration with wacuum airs Artist Bobakrome, which was well received by the Hungarian Hip Hop community. Later that year well known Budapest City DJ Direct and Rapper Nash also joined the Family. With members appearing on Hip Hop Vinyl “UnderHUNdred Cuts” and releasing you tube video for 2012 EP Track “Kopunk”. 

In early December all members excluding Vinne Vega embarked on a short tour of Hungary performing at Vegallomas in Szombathely and Tilos Radio in Budapest. They Returned to Hungary in March 2013 with all members present performing in A2 Underground/Szombathely, Classics in Budapest and again appearing for a freestyle session on Tilos Radio. On there return to London, they released via you tube, tour footage accompanied by 2012 EP Track “Dream” and in late April also through you tube “Frigid Air Family’s” first single from there up and coming album “Coup de tat” (Release date TBA) “Piranha”.

FRIGID AIR FAMILY AKA THE BLACKMARKET brings energy and realness to whatever show they do. There music is for the HARDCORE Hip Hop heads and we love to get up close, personal and down  dirty with the crowd “We give you a good show”.  People will and do have a great time when they come to see us. 

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