Radical Motion

Radical Motion is a duo of young Hungarian talents called Range (Abel Varga) and Direct (Istvan Tanka). They’ve put their forces together since 2005, made some great stuff. Appeared on Impulsecreator’s IPC ProFiles and Black Hoe’s sister label Golden Age, and also got a release on Cellophunk netlabel. Did a runner up remix of’s Production Contest vol. 4, and a nice remix of Varga Zsuzsa’s ‘Isn’t It’, which is appeared in many of Hungarian radio’s tracklists. 

Direct is interested in hip-hop for over 4 years in solo and as a DJ and producer of SoulClap Budapest too. Even he do hop-hop beats, he keeps showing his love to drum and bass by making deep, atmospheric rollers and grooving techy tunes.

After a while, Range and Direct are back in the studio together as Radical Motion, so watch this space for further information. Big shout out to everyone!